August 20, 2018

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Nova Max Plus
Back in March, I wrote about seeing an article discussing the Nova Max Plus being (More)
My Replacement Meters Came
The two replacement AccuChek Aviva meters came and I fired them up on Saturday. (More)
I Bought a New Meter Today
After I was at the doctors on the 9th and found out that my meter was 15 (More)
Dreaming About Blood Sugar
More often than not, I don’t remember my dreams. Every once in awhile I do and although I sometimes dream about being diabetic a recurring dream for me is that I am walking around without my walker and then realize I lost it – hopeful thinking I gues (More)
All Your Meters Are Dead
A couple months ago, I went to test my blood sugar when I woke up and kept getting some strange code on the screen. I thought it must be the battery so I went downstairs to look up (More)
Doctor, A1c and Moving Bugs
I had my doctor’s appointment Friday morning. When he picked up the lab work, I told him that my A1c would be up because of the bad insulin problems that I ha (More)
Diasend Software: Pump and Meter Readings Combined
Several people in the Animas Group on Tu (More)