July 16, 2018

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Pumping vs. MDI
When I decided to stick with MDI in March after my pump broke, I said I would write more about the comparisons between MDI and pumping. I never did that so thought I would do tha (More)
Animas Corporation: Inspections, Compliance, Enforcement, and Criminal Investigations
A friend of mine (thank you Trisha!) just sent me this link to the FDA website – Animas was sent a letter from the FDA because they failed to properly report insulin pump (More)
I Fired My Pump Back Up
I quit using my pump after the second one died last March. I only pumped for about 8 months before throwing in the towel. A big problem for me was site issues. I seemed to (More)
Another Ping Bites the Dust
Friday I wrote that I decided to try the pump again because I suspected I had some bad Levemir again. I wanted to make (More)
No Go on the Ping to MM Trade-In
A friend of mine called me yesterday afternoon. She has been a MM pump user for years and when we were talking, she asked me if I had contacted MM yet to see about tradin (More)
On the Fence About Pumping
I started using my Ping on June 28th.  The first few days were great and I really loved it but then I started having a lot of site problems. My sites were breaking dow (More)
Animas Made My Decision For Me
Yesterday, I wrote that I was On the Fence About Pumping.  Late yesterday (More)
Animas Cartridge Recall
My friend Trisha emailed me that she saw a post on TuDiabetes about an Animas cartridge recall. Right after she emailed, my friend Mary forwarded an email she received from so (More)
Diasend Software: Pump and Meter Readings Combined
Several people in the Animas Group on Tu (More)
Ping Air/Bubble Problem
In December, I started having a problem with a lot of bubbles in my pump tubing. I wasn’t sure what was causing the problem, so I posted the question on the More)
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