August 20, 2018

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What are You Doing Today???? Do the Big Blue Test.
Between 2010 and 2011, over 10,000 people helped themselves while helping more than 10,000 others. Most participants in the Big Blue Test experience an average blo (More)
I Accepted the Big Blue Test Challenge: Are You?
Today is Day One of the Big Blue Test. I did 25 crunches, lifted weights alternating with leg kicks and then did another 20 crunches. I came to the conclusion that walking on the treadmill is (More)
Reminder: Sunday Kicks Off the Big Blue Test
Sunday, October 14th kicks off this year’s Big Blue Test. It is simple to do – test your blood sugar, exercise for 14 to 20 minutes, test your blood sugar again and then record the results on (More)
Gearing Up for World Diabetes Day
World Diabetes Day is coming up in another month. November 14th will be here before we know it. If you haven’t signed up already, check out Lee Ann Thill’s World Diabetes Day Postcard Exchange (More)
Diabetes Awareness Month
November is here! It is going to be a very busy month. Last year, I suggested that (More)
We Need Your Help: The Big Blue Test
There are only four more days (including today) to do the Big Blue Test. As of this morning, only 2475 people have entered test result (More)
Manny Will Paint His Hair Blue!
After I posted my first post this morning, I logged into Facebook and saw that Manny Hernandez is willing to paint his hair blue if we get 7000 participants in the Big Blue Test by noon Pacifi (More)
Rain, Rain Go Away
Rain, rain go away It is World Diabetes Day I guess the weatherman didn’t get the memo that it is supposed to be nice out today for all the World Diabetes Day activities. Last nig (More)
URGENT: Big Blue Test Extension
EDITED TO ADD:  They just announced that the Big Blue Test has now been extended until midnight Pacific Time.  Roche agreed to this because of the problem they had with the site being down yesterday. I jus (More)
November 14th: World Diabetes Day
I am sure that all of you know that Sunday, November 14th is World Diabetes Day.  So why am I writing about this today?  I know that computer use is down on th (More)
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