August 20, 2018

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Taking Off......She is on Her Way
On her way.  In a little while Kaitlyn boards a plane bound for the Children With Diabetes (CWD) Conference in Canada.  It' (More)
Messages on the Way to Washington.....Your Messages.
The names jumped out at me; Grace, Kylie, Samantha, Callan, Shelby, and so many more. Stories of kids.  Heartbreaking stories. There seems to be an ongoing dilemm (More)
Who Digs Us Out????
As I had my morning coffee, today, the day after the big storm, I looked out the window at the magnitude of what will lie ahead for us today.  A wh (More)
How Smart are You???????
This weekend had me at the Children with Diabetes' Focus on Technology in Crystal City Virginia or (More)
Sunday dHero....Santa's Elves.........WHAT!!!!!!
WHAT!!!!  Have I lost my mind?????   Santa's Elves as Diabetesdad's Sunday dHero?????? Well perhaps, but these are special elves with a special mission and they (More)
A Response from a Good Friend of a Broken Hearted Family---Will You Share and/or help this Story?
I have posted a reply to my post about Brian Doss from Tracy Brokmeier, who created the fund-raising page for his family.  Before you read it I would like to share wit (More)
Is this YOUR Prayer too? Hey God, it's me again......
  Hey God, it's me again. I know we haven't talked too much lately.  I'm still a tad angry.  The first child diagnosed with diabetes was heartbreaki (More)
Diabetesdad's Sunday dHero----a Young Man Who is Focused on Helping Others.
  The first thing that strikes you about this incredible young man, when you meet him, is his friendly smile and laid back attitude.  He has a kind word for (More)
PORKED!--Pig Insulin, Pig Islets, Pigskin, & a Pig Roast---A VERY PIGGY DAY!
Michael Otten (far right) with Vinny, Robert (and Gigi) were up bright and early organizing their PIG ROAST 2012 to benefit the Diabetes Research Institute and t (More)
Is your Child a Daily dHero?
Our Kids. Wow the things they do.  The things they put up with every day.  Whether they have diabetes or they do not have diabetes; the fact that diabetes is (More)