August 20, 2018

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Define. Your Thoughts and Input Needed.
I have received many emails and one person wrote, "I would be interested to read what others consider as their definition of (More)
I was Asked, I Answer. How About You?
I was asked by someone recently what a cure looks like to me? She writes, “Is the cure you visualize one without side effe (More)
I Know Where My Heart Belongs.....Do You????
Happy Valentine's Day. Those who know, know they have my heart.  But the islet cell picture in the shape of the (More)
Yes Virginia, There Will be a Cure! A Take on a Classic Tale for a Diabetes Cure.
In answer to all of the postings I have recently seen from children asking Santa for a cure, today, with apologies to The New York Sun, I dust off an old article I did for (More)
A Brother's Christmas Wish for his Sister.....and an Answer that will Touch Your Heart.
I share this with you in the spirit of the Holiday Season.  It is just an incredible Holiday wish that came to me via a mom. Thirteen-year-old Jeremy asked his mothe (More)
Santa Will Send Your Child a Personal Letter........You'll Help Find a Cure.
If if you do not have children for this incredible's the holidays, help take us one step closer to a cure.   SANTA CLAUS CAN PEN A PERSONAL (More)
They are doing it for your kids, for mine, for theirs.  They are doing it for a cure; they are doing it in memory.  They are doing it with incredible fortitude.  Th (More)
PORKED!--Pig Insulin, Pig Islets, Pigskin, & a Pig Roast---A VERY PIGGY DAY!
Michael Otten (far right) with Vinny, Robert (and Gigi) were up bright and early organizing their PIG ROAST 2012 to benefit the Diabetes Research Institute and t (More)
T.G.I.F. (Thanking Great Individuals Forever)
His efforts are tireless and his reputation well-known not only to his worldwide colleagues but many PWDs and to parents who wait for a cure.  He works in the lab, (More)
Passionate People, We.
  5:30 am: I am on a shuttle on the way to Newark Airport.  Other businesspeople are on the shuttle bus as well; six of them together, me by myself.  They tal (More)