August 20, 2018

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A Death, a Newly Diagnosed, and a March to Forget.
Four years ago at this time, March, it started as a normal week. Little did I know that March coming 'in like a lion and leaving like a lamb' could be so true; but this March (More)
ABC World News Story on Diabulimia....a Taboo Subject Rarely Ever Touched.
To be very honest, I know little about this aspect of diabetes.  But when I saw it as the top story in Yahoo news I felt compelled to share it with you all. I have a few (More)
Today, A Lot of Kids Party.......Diabetes Takes a Back Seat
One in New York City and one on Long Island; two of my favorite fund-raising ideas will be taking place.  Or should I say "Fun-raising" ideas.  Hundreds and hundreds of k (More)
A TV Icon, in Her Darkest Time.....Teaches Us All Lesson
I was, and still am a huge fan of the Mary Tyler Moore Show.  I honestly believe that I saw every episode at least 3 times among the original air dates (1970-1977 (More)
Taking Off......She is on Her Way
On her way.  In a little while Kaitlyn boards a plane bound for the Children With Diabetes (CWD) Conference in Canada.  It' (More)
Messages on the Way to Washington.....Your Messages.
The names jumped out at me; Grace, Kylie, Samantha, Callan, Shelby, and so many more. Stories of kids.  Heartbreaking stories. There seems to be an ongoing dilemm (More)
This Could Be It…….What We Have Been Waiting For Since Diagnosis!!!!
Twenty years are a long time to be committed to something.  I have been involved with so many aspects of diabetes but I have been extremely upfront everywhere I speak that (More)
PWDs...."There Came a Time in Your Life When......."-----Please Share with Us.
Don't you love kids?  I was thinking today how I remember when Kaitlyn was younger that her only goal was 'to get back out there' and be a kid. It was always like, 'h (More)
Twenty Years Later.......It Is Still Sooooooo Unfair......Don't You Agree??????
A new bicycle.  A new doll.  A new school.  A new car.  Something new.  How much we all like when we receive something we want.  Gift wrapped perhaps.  A UPS delivery p (More)
What Do You Know and Use Everyday? Share with Us.
As I read responses to yesterday's article, and  the so many traits that people have leaned upon to (More)
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