August 20, 2018

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A Love, A Story, and Diabetes, Trust Me; You Will Want to Read and Share.......Enjoy.
I'm up in the air, on my way to many meetings in the upcoming few days.  I was up (More)
Your Input Is Needed.....Live from the Red (er...I mean Blue) Carpet, It's Diabetes Dad's People Choice Awards.
LIVE from New York.....It's the Diabetes Dad's Peopl (More)
Even with Diabetes.....It's a Wonderful Life.....What are You Thankful for?
Because we are in the Holiday Season: The Scene: I'm laying in the snow and Clarence, my guardian angel, is talking to me. Clarence: Strange, isn't it? (More)
All I Can Say is...........Whew!!!!!!!!
Two weeks.  The most important lesson I have learned recently is that so much can happen in two weeks.  To the hundreds of people who wrote to me and wanted to know how we w (More)
My Sunday dHero.....artistic license please.....Heroes in a Hurricane
 The winds are beginning to pick up out side.  The rain will start shortly. It is  clear that the picture I provided (More)
Travel.......High Anxiety! One Very Simple Rule will Go a Long Way at TSA!!!!!!
There is a list full of things to do when you are about to embark on travel that will take you through security.  You can find them all over the internet and I'm no (More)