August 20, 2018

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She Very Well May Save Your Life.....Read.....and more important.....SHARE!
She didn't have to write this. She did not have to be so honest and truthful. What she went throu (More)
Diabetes Deleted?......Surprising Answers Should it Happen......Share Your Thoughts?
It's deleted. For so many the thought of not having diabetes is about as surreal a feeling (More)
I Know Where My Heart Belongs.....Do You????
Happy Valentine's Day. Those who know, know they have my heart.  But the islet cell picture in the shape of the (More)
Who Has Your Back?????? Let Them Know.......
What about your child or spouse who does not have diabetes?  (And for those who are old enough, what about mom and/or dad.) (More)
Do We Still Dare to Dream?
Set the stage. A young president.  Houston, Texas,  September 12th, 1962. In front of 40,000 people at Rice Stadium President Kenne (More)
A Rose is a Rose is a Rose.....Right? Nope.
A rose is just a rose is the saying.  Another is a rose by any other name is still a rose.  But what if the cost of just one rose (More)
My Daughter Risks Her Life Tonight......What Will Yours Do???????
The ambulance driver, in his rescue car, pulled in our driveway.  "Do you want to come in?" "No.  I'm go (More)
Do You Know Mr. Make-Sure? Don't You Wish You Didn't?
I want it back the way it was. We dug out for 7 hours yesterday.  The official results is that our little tow (More)
Who Digs Us Out????
As I had my morning coffee, today, the day after the big storm, I looked out the window at the magnitude of what will lie ahead for us today.  A wh (More)
Are you ready???? Share your best tips also.
Those of us in the Northeast are buckling down for the incoming major storm.   Again.  This time; snow.  We will cope.  We (More)
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