August 20, 2018

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Some Good, Some Bad and Letter to Doctor
I am participating in Wego Health’s National Health Blog Post Month. I am not using the prompts again today. Today is the last day! Not sure how I mad it with all the crap stuff going on, but somehow I made it. I have an appointment to go back to (More)
Doctors and Trust: Learning the Hard Way
Today’s prompt for Day 17 of the Wego Health Activist Writer’s Challenge is, “Learned the Hard Way. What’s a lesson you learned the hard way? Write about it for 15 today.” More)
Best Doctor’s Visit
Today’s prompt for Day 6 of the Wego Health Activist Writer’s Challenge was to write a haiku.  I decided to use one of the early bird prompts instead.  The prompt that I picked is, “Best Doctor (More)
Second Opinions: They Can Save Your Life
Last year I wrote Why You Should Always Get Copies of Lab Reports and t (More)
Noncompliant: The Evil Word!
The Sad State of Doctors
I have been trying to find a good PCP and not having much luck.  I already travel to Pittsburgh to see specialists so thought I may as well do that for a PCP also since I did not seem to be having much luck around where I live. Someone I talked to (More)
Another Doctor Gripe
On October 11th, I had a methacholine challenge test to see if I had asthma.  I never called about the results because I really did not think that I had asthma even though I get sho (More)
I Don't Get Doctors
A friend of mine jokingly said that I have must have killed a doctor in a prior life because I have such bad luck with doctors. If that is the case, then I must hav (More)
Why You Should Always Get Copies of Lab Reports
Over the last few years, I have had several issues come up after I had tests done that I was told everything was fine.  Today, I picked up copies of my labs and had it happen to me ag (More)
Doctors and Gastroparesis: Why Don’t They Get It?
Anyone that has read my blog before has probably read some of my rants about doctors, especially when it comes to gastroparesis.  It wasn’t even the fact that they did nothing to help me; it was the fact that they treated me like I was causing the pr (More)