August 20, 2018

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I Wish My Insurance Company Paid For
This month’s blog carnival topic is: Diabetes can sure be expensive.  Insurance can help take away some of the financial burden, but sometimes the things we want, or even need, are not covered by insurance.  With that in mind, we turn back to our Ap (More)
Ideal Diabetes Support Group
The topic for the April DSMA Blog Carnival is, “Describe your ideal diabetes “support group”? What would you discuss?” For me, the DOC has been the ideal support group.  Back in 1984 when I was first diagnosed, I did go to a bunch of local support (More)
If I Didn’t Laugh About …
This month’s Blog Carnival subject is about finding humor in things to help us cope. We are supposed to fill in the blanks for, “If I didn’t laugh about _________ then I woul (More)
Diabetes Related Decisions
This month’s Blog Carnival question is, “What types of decisions and frequency of diabetes related decisions do you make in any given day?” I try to test my bloo (More)
Using Social Media
For me, using social media has made a huge difference. I hate to think where I would be today if it were not for social media. Besides learning a lot, I have received help when I felt that the situation was hopeless. Doctors really have no clue how t (More)
Diabetes in the Workplace and With Friends
This month’s blog carnival question is “Does your employer/school/friends know you have diabetes? Why or why not?” I no longer (More)
What I am Looking Forward to in 2012
I kind of missed December and now it is almost the end of January and I am just now doing my DSMA Blog Carnival post. This month’s question is: What is the one thing you are looking forward to in 2012? (diabetes related) The top thing that I am (More)
Stopping the Winter Blues
This month’s DSMA Blog Carnival question is, “What can we do to help stop depression from hitting our community during the winter months?” I was thinking (More)
Life Stages With Diabetes
How did relationships with other people help inspire you to take care of yourself? That is a hard question to answer! I guess you can say that I am kind of a loner.  I used to work long hours so the bulk of my time was spent at work. I have never (More)
Type Awesome – People Who Support PWD’s
My nephew Brandon is 8 and has Downs Syndrome. He always mimics people. If someone asks me what my blood sugar is, he has to ask also. He is like the Diabetes Police because he will tell me to check my blood (his way of saying blood sugar). Fortunate (More)