August 20, 2018

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Abbott/Navigator Nightmare Continues
My Navigator broke January, 2010, a little over a year ago. In April, Abbott came up with the refund offer for the people waiting on replacements so I signed the paperwork and sent the Navigator and sensors back to Abbott. Abbott in turn refunded my (More)
Dexcom Seven Plus vs. Freestyle Navigator
Abbott finally stepped up to the plate on Thursday & offered customers money back if they wanted to return their Freestyle Navigator and get another system.  The day af (More)
Moving Forward
My phone rarely rings but has been ringing off the hook lately.  Wednesday afternoon, Dexcom called me to check on the status of the Navigator refund - I needed that money before I (More)
Dexcom Receives Warning Letter from FDA
Dexcom received a warning letter from the FDA.  The letter talked about Dexcom’s failure to submit MDR reports for sensor fractures and grouping those reports together to make it lo (More)
Death of My Freestyle Navigator
I have been a Type 1 diabetic for over 26 years. This last year, I started having problems with my blood sugar dropping extremely low causing me to pass out. I decided to get a co (More)
Dead Freestyle Navigator Update
It has now been 8 weeks since my Freestyle Navigator died.  Abbott Diabetes Care said that they would replace my receiver but they are on backorder. I am still waiting on that replacement. My insurance requires preauthorization for me to get the s (More)
Abbott Diabetes Care
Today, Abbott Diabetes Care placed a notice on their website with a notice that they were contacting customers who were waiting on new receivers or transmitters.  They said that they were trying to offer solutions for the waiting period.  There was a (More)