August 20, 2018

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NBC News Star Stuns a Room about the Death of a Colleague.
He was introduced.  He is mega star in NY News.  How fortunate that he would lend his good name and time to such a worthy cause. He calls them the way he sees them.  He (More)
Pumping vs. MDI
When I decided to stick with MDI in March after my pump broke, I said I would write more about the comparisons between MDI and pumping. I never did that so thought I would do tha (More)
Hospitals Are Dangerous Places for Diabetics, Part 1
This was actually something I thought about writing about a couple months ago then got sidetracked.  I just read something else this week that reminded me of this subject and thought I would write about it now.  As you can guess from the “Part 1,” th (More)
Animas Ping Combo Bolus Feature
I thought I would share this here just in case anyone else was told something wrong during their training.  It is not exactly that was I told was wrong, it is just that t (More)
Happy Halloween!
I am sure that I don’t need to tell anyone that Sunday is Halloween.  Halloween is the beginning of a series of holidays that can be tough for diabetics – (More)
What I Love About My Pump
No alarm clocks! When I was using Levemir, it only lasted 7 hours for me so I took it every 8 hours and supplemented with Apidra the times that it fell short.  I can’t reall (More)
Finding the Right Infusion Set
Like a lot of others starting pumping, I was having trouble with infusion sets.  When I was looking for information about the different sets, I read that one of the pri (More)
My Pump Start: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly
I had my training for my Animas Ping on Monday, June 28th.  I survived my first ten days on the pump! The training went pretty fast.  For me, it was more of a matter of just (More)
Total Available Glucose (TAG)
Total Available Glucose. or TAG - I first read about TAG on TuDiabetes.  Danny on TuDiabetes started a group for TAGgers, that you can check out at the link below and read (More)