July 16, 2018

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Hospital Nightmare and Escape!
I ended up in the hospital with an infected foot. Last Friday, I went to get some NPH insulin because I still didn’t have good Levemir. Novo Nordisk replaced the 2nd bad box with the same lot number and that was also bad. They wouldn’t ship it Friday (More)
Oh Crap 399 – Oops!
Tuesday night I went up to bed about 10.  I have a dual-alarm clock that I set for 11 PM & 7 AM – two of the times that I take Levemir.  I woke up a little after 7 this morning without my alarm going off.  It didn’t go off at 11 either.  Someone (More)
Insulin Mix-up
Last night, I was getting ready for bed around 11. Like I always do, I test my blood sugar and then take my Levemir. If I need to take a correction, I will do that also. I tested at 115, so was happy with that. I just needed to take my Levemir so I p (More)
Levemir Dosing: Not Always Clear Cut
I asked about trying Levemir back in December, 2007. My PCP gave me some sample pens and said to take it twice a day. Later I saw another doctor who tried to tell me that it wa (More)
Interesting Basal Test
I have been having some problems with my blood sugar lately and thought that I should do some basal testing. I think having your basals set correctly is important for anyone – I f (More)
Pin the Tail on the Blood Sugar
I think most of us have played Pin the Tail on the Donkey as a kid, and if we haven’t played, we certainly know what the game is – we try to pin the tail on a donkey while bli (More)
I Fired My Pump Back Up
I quit using my pump after the second one died last March. I only pumped for about 8 months before throwing in the towel. A big problem for me was site issues. I seemed to (More)
Levemir Funny – NOT!
I called the Levemir (aka Novo Nordisk) people yesterday morning about the bad insulin I have. I was asked what I type I was. I don’t know percentage facts, but I would guess m (More)
Did You Talk to Your Doctor?
I hate when people ask me that question! Diabetes is a self-management disease. What part of self-management do they not understand? Yesterday when I called the Levemir people again (More)
Levemir is Working!
My new box of Levemir that came directly from Novo Nordisk is working. My mother dropped it off about 4:30 on Wednesday afternoon. I took some at 5:00. My regular schedule with Levemir would have been to take it at 3:00, but I was taking the Apidra e (More)
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