July 16, 2018

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A Meeting......I Should Have Known......We Have Work To Do.......What Say You?
Astounding. Mind-blowing.  Revealing.  Frustrating. We have some work to do.  If ever I was remind (More)
The Worst Kind of Diabetes is.........
You Have a Job to do. Diabetes Awareness month is November.  We’re not going to wait.   Too many are getting it wrong now, today.  Do something today that coul (More)
Sometimes You Just Have to Bite Your Tongue
And sometimes, you don’t! Last night I did both. I am the kind of person that if someone needs help, I will try to help them. But if someone does not want help, I am not going push help or advice on them. I don’t appreciate people telling me that I n (More)
Because You Are Going to Kill Them!
On Tuesday, someone landed on my blog with the search term, “why can you not withhold insulin in type 1” (that is the highlighted one towards the bottom). I wish I knew who it was so I could tell them that they are going to kill the person. I seem to (More)
Understanding Other Types
Last week in one of the Facebook groups I belong to, a food discussion came up. I don’t remember exactly how a woman worded her statement, but it was to the effect tha (More)
Can I Tell Someone to Check Her Blood Sugar?
Yes, I know I can’t do that – it was more of a rhetorical question! One of my neighbors is a Type 2. I started talking to P last year when we were both involved in a committee to raise funds to build a playground for the kids where I live.  When I (More)
November: Diabetes Awareness Month
Someone wrote a blog on one of the diabetes sites asking what we were going to do to bring awareness to diabetes.  I have been thinking about this and although I write a blog, (More)