August 20, 2018

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Wordless Wednesday: Drunk Pumpkin
Happy Halloween everyone!   (More)
Wordless Wednesday (Sort of): Let There Be Water
Ever since I bought the London Bridge for my village back in 2004, I have wanted to make a more realistic looking river to flow under the bridge. This year, I landed on a train site and the guys there wanted realistic scenery for their display so I f (More)
Wordless Wednesday - Ghosts?
The way the sun was hitting this morning looked kind of like a ghost coming thru the door: (More)
Wordless Wednesday: Reversing Diabetes?
I was doing some spring cleaning and came across this. It is one of those things that when I saw, I wondered why I would keep it other than I must have known it would make some good blog material one day. The sad part is that my Type 1 aunt bought th (More)
Wordless Wednesday: My Cat Sasha
Back in 1999, my aunt and uncle’s neighbor’s cat had kittens in my uncle’s tool shed.  The owner wanted to get rid of all the kittens and the mother.  My sister took one of the kittens and called me to see if I would take the mother cat, at least on (More)
Wordless Wednesday: Funny Critter Pics
Wordless Wednesday: Alex Is Mad At Me
I gave him a bath and a butchered hair cut.  Is he sticking his tongue out at me? More)
Wordless Wednesday: If I Should Fall Behind
A friend shared this on Facebook (thank you Dani!) and I thought I would share here. I am a huge Springsteen fan in case you didn’t guess. I have never heard this version of this song before (I only have 3 versions in iTunes). Springsteen is joined b (More)